Saturday, April 10, 2010


So we just did an interview with local funny slut Kacey Koop, who was also featured recently on the front page of the Barometer. Make sure to hear the full interview this Monday at 3pm! Sean actually asks some non stupid questions, but still gets bogged down using too many words.

Something we discussed with Kacey is incest sensitivity, shortened to incestivity, and how it seems different between dudes and ladies. Guys, you'd do a pair of twins, yes? But with dolls, it seems like they could go either way, though I've heard just a few more nays than yays. Why is that? Even more puzzling, the person who got closest to having sex with a pair of twins was Denver, who had a threesome with her boyfriend and his cousin.

Well it's really not too healthful to think about incest this much, so I'm just gonna stop here.


Monday, March 8, 2010

So I'm talking to this used car salesman...

What would you consider a "slut?" How many women or men would a 21 year old male or female have to sleep with to be considered a slut? Think about it, and then get out there are start hooking up!

As long as an individual does not consider thyself to be a slut it would seem that one could justify going out more often, right? And then they could proceed to hook up more often! This world needs more love and sex! Less violence! (unless you like violent sex, if you do I have someone for you to meet, MERVIN get over here!) Make it happen Corvallis! Get out there and love each other!

Sean Manns

Friday, March 5, 2010

Shelly Lorts, a girl after my own heart

Anybody catch Shelly Lorts's little slice of cynicism in Thursday's Barometer? You can read it here if you want, or just trust my synopsis: Attraction is physical, and people hook up with people of the same level of physical attractiveness.

Last night my man Sean was fuming about this! He come onto my show to whine about it in his usual, hypocritical romantic style, while I just threw out facts and statistics to back up my fellow pessimist, Ms. Lorts. It's just economics, brother Sean. What's the incentive for a hottie to get with a fugly? Doesn't compute.

You talk about personality, but there are plenty of hot guys and girls with great personality. Zooey Deschanel doesn't have to step down to your level to get her intellectual jollies. Why do you think God let us invent alcohol if not to blur the otherwise cold, precise eyes of our physical betters? You just have to picture the incentive structures, baby!

Anyway, I'm going to try to get Shelly Lorts to become a regular contributor on my fantastic show, The Ministry of Love. If she's sane and can't make a midnight time slot, I guess I'll let her do a Manbots segment if Sean can motivate his lazy College-of-Business butt enough to ask her. Check out the rest of Shelly Lorts's musings on her blog, Landing on Venus, or just read the Barometer like a good kid should.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Does Love Conquer All?

What does everybody think about life? (Pretty easy question, right?) Do you side with Mervin or do you side with Sean Manns? Cynicism vs. Non-cynicism. Negative thought process with a little so called facts thrown into the mix vs. positive thought with so called ideals thrown into the mix.

In the end, have fun, live life, be positive, believe in people (Sean Manns)


Get down with Mervin

I will say that after entering any of the mens bathrooms in the library one is likely to stop believing that people are all they're cracked up to be!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Radio yo!

Hello everybody!!!! This is the Manbots blogspot! This is the blog for the radio show (What if we did a radio show to promote this blog?! That is probably what we will do, I mean, really, blogs are so much simpler. Check it anytime, skim through it, copy and paste certain bits and pieces, can't do that with a radio show!) that takes place every Monday on KBVR Corvallis. I think we might put up episodes of the show on this here ol' blogspot, that might be kinda cool. Sorry if this writing is kinda shabby, blame Mervin, send him your nude pictures while you're blaming him at the same time. All nudes are greatly appreciated here at the Manbots Blogspot. We could just go on chatroulette but it just is not that je ne sais quoi that receiving nudes in the manbots e-mail is! Oh yeah, check out this joker? That dude knew what was up!

Tune in to the Manbots next Monday, it'll be riveting, Mervin will be naked!