Saturday, April 10, 2010


So we just did an interview with local funny slut Kacey Koop, who was also featured recently on the front page of the Barometer. Make sure to hear the full interview this Monday at 3pm! Sean actually asks some non stupid questions, but still gets bogged down using too many words.

Something we discussed with Kacey is incest sensitivity, shortened to incestivity, and how it seems different between dudes and ladies. Guys, you'd do a pair of twins, yes? But with dolls, it seems like they could go either way, though I've heard just a few more nays than yays. Why is that? Even more puzzling, the person who got closest to having sex with a pair of twins was Denver, who had a threesome with her boyfriend and his cousin.

Well it's really not too healthful to think about incest this much, so I'm just gonna stop here.


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