Monday, March 1, 2010

Does Love Conquer All?

What does everybody think about life? (Pretty easy question, right?) Do you side with Mervin or do you side with Sean Manns? Cynicism vs. Non-cynicism. Negative thought process with a little so called facts thrown into the mix vs. positive thought with so called ideals thrown into the mix.

In the end, have fun, live life, be positive, believe in people (Sean Manns)


Get down with Mervin

I will say that after entering any of the mens bathrooms in the library one is likely to stop believing that people are all they're cracked up to be!


  1. Love.

    L ame.
    O h, please you cant be serious.
    V oid where possible.
    E motionally draining.


    Nah but seriously, Love is real. Love is present. We all need love and strive for it throughout our lives. Love you. Love on.

  2. First of all. To Ted: your poem is great. I admire it so. You kind of ruined it at the end though.
    Secondly, to Sean Manns specifically: I listened to the show today with great entertainment. Then something familiar was talked about. Get your facts straight, I know where you sleep and update this blog.

    Thank you.

  3. You're just in love with the idea of love, Sean.