Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Radio yo!

Hello everybody!!!! This is the Manbots blogspot! This is the blog for the radio show (What if we did a radio show to promote this blog?! That is probably what we will do, I mean, really, blogs are so much simpler. Check it anytime, skim through it, copy and paste certain bits and pieces, can't do that with a radio show!) that takes place every Monday on KBVR Corvallis. I think we might put up episodes of the show on this here ol' blogspot, that might be kinda cool. Sorry if this writing is kinda shabby, blame Mervin, send him your nude pictures while you're blaming him at the same time. All nudes are greatly appreciated here at the Manbots Blogspot. We could just go on chatroulette but it just is not that je ne sais quoi that receiving nudes in the manbots e-mail is! Oh yeah, check out this joker? http://manbots.blogspot.com/ That dude knew what was up!

Tune in to the Manbots next Monday, it'll be riveting, Mervin will be naked!


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